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In Press (The manuscripts will be published in Vol. 4 No. 2, Dec 2020)

Table of Content

1. Elshahawy, KEM.Practising English through out-of-class language learning activities (OCLLA): EFL preparatory year students perspectives p. 128-143

2. Zulfikar, R. & Putri, SA.:Web-based system for creative writing p.144-150

3. Subiyanto, P. et al: Ecolinguistic study of the writing works of achieving students of Bali State Polytechnics in 2020  p. 151-159

4. Abdurrahim, A. & Jalil, S.:Phonological replacement of loan words used in Indonesian p.160-176

5. Nguyen, DT.:Life stories of caregivers looking after a child with autism in Vietnam p.177-194

6. Aprilia, Y. & Ahmad, YB.:Learning pronunciation component using u-dictionary application p.195-201

7. Handayani, LNC. et al: Students’ perception on a bilingual dictionary of financial accounting terminology p. 202-209

8. Tuzlukova, V. & Heckadon, P: Gaining in-demand skills in the ESP classroom: a case study in Oman p. 210-225

9. Kalotong, AT.: Theme-rheme analysis of the Jakarta post headlines on covid-19 issue p. 226-234

10. Rahmanu, IWED. & Winarta, IBGN.: An empirical study on grammatical error uttered by non-native English students p. 235-246

11. Salsabila, S.:Facebook assisted students’ peer assessment in writing descriptive text p. 247-259

12. Adikayon, LYK.:Compound words on the Jakarta post newspaper and  Việt Nam news newspaper p. 260-272

13. Citrawati, NPEW. et al: Pragmatic functions of Indonesian in the column “smart traveler” of  Bali tribun p. 273-280

14. Wajdi, M. et al: The study of Indonesian verbs berkata, bersabda, and berfirman p. 281-293

15. Lauwren, S.:Interpersonal functions in Greta Thunberg's “civil society for rEUnaissance” speech p. 294-305

16. Oktaviani, DN.: Analysing teacher’s feedback used by an English teacher of EFL in senior high school p. 306-312

17. Daar, GF.: Students independent learning implementation during learning from the home period (a study at Unika Santu Paulus Ruteng, Flores) p. 313-320

18. Rofik, A.: Grammatical accuracy of Indonesian-English translation   p. 321-330

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Journal of Applied Studies in Language (JASL)

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