In Press (The manuscripts are under the process of being published in Vol. 5, Number 1, Jun 2021)

Table of Contents

1. Septia Tri Gunawan, Didin Nuruddin Hidayat, Alek, Nida Husna: Figurative language used in Blackpink featuring Selena Gomez's song lyric "Ice Cream": A discourse analysis p.1-9
2. I Made Juliarta: Noun phrase and its translation in the novel “Budha, a story of enlightenment” p.10-22
3. Praba Lucya Suryana, Totoh Tauhidin Abas, Nina Puspitaloka: Discovering students’ responses using flipped classroom model trough reading comprehension teaching p.23-32
4. Kamar Adewale Rafiu, Habeebat Motunrayo Osho: A speech act analysis of politeness strategies in Yoruba abiku names p.33-45
5. Erik Nurdiansah, Fauzi Miftakh, Nina Puspitaloka: A study of students’ English speaking skill through schoology p.46-55
6. Sri Budiyono: The application of discussion method for improving the students' logical thinking skills p.56-66
7. Ahmad Ghazy, Majid Wajdi, Ikhsanudin, Clary Sada: The use of game-based learning in English class p.67-78
8. Try Mahendra Siregar: Critical discourse analysis on Joe Biden’s elected president speech p.79-86
9. Ambalegin:  Phonological analysis of English consonants pronunciation p.87-94
10. Dewi Sari Wahyuni, Darmansyah, Fetri Yeni J: Writing skills deficiency in English for specific purposes (ESP): English for computer science p.95-100
11. Wulan Rahmasari, Yousef Bani Ahmad, Acep Bahrum Kamil: Students’ perception on utilizing podcast in learning speaking p.101-107
12. I Ketut Suardana: Social semiotic of mẻn brayut text: systemic functional linguistic perspective p.108-116
13. Mita Meryani Zuwitasari, Muhamad Reza Pahlevi, Mobit: Exploring Edmodo-assisted writing formative assessment in English language classroom p.117-126
14. Firmansyah Firmansyah, Ikhsanudin, Clarry Sada: The use of guided discovery learning method to improve participation in answering reading comprehension questions p.127-133
15. Yustika Wahyu Riani, Ana Widia Ningsih, Mery Novitasari, Mochammad Sulthon Samudra Rizky Zulkarnaen: A linguistic landscape study in Indonesian sub-urban high school signages: an exploration of patterns and associations p.134-146
16. Nurvia Silviana, Fauzi Miftakh: Activating students’ cognitive perspective using problem-based learning in Efl speaking p.147-155
17. Dedy Setiawan: Improvement of presentation performance through feedback p.156-164
18. Meta Keumala, Zahratul Idami: Speech delays: some possible factors (a research on 3-6 years old children) p. 165-173
19. Kartika Marta Budiana: The students’ perception on the use of computer assisted language learning p.174-186
20. I Nyoman Mandia, I Nyoman Sukra, Putu Dyah Hudiananingsih: Analysis of spelling, effective sentences, and paragraphs in students’ scientific papers activity p.187-196
21. Yoga Putra Semadi: Improving the critical thinking skill through discussion method empowerment by using public controversy text in teaching reading p.197-204
22. Morita Panduwangi: The effectiveness of task-based language teaching to improve students’ speaking skills p.205-214

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