Author Guidelines

Title, TNR 16 pts, bold

Writer's name, TNR 12 pts, bold

Institutions / Agencies (Affiliate Organization) authors,

With address and e-mail


Abstract:  This abstract is written two versions, namely Indonesian and English. The content is not only the subject of the text, but also contains summaries and conclusions. The number of words in the abstract is about 150-300 words.

Keywords : loads at least 3 keywords.

Title in English


Abstract: The abstract have two version; in English and Bahasa Indonesia. It should not only indicate the subject and scope of the paper but should also summarize and author’s conclusion. The abstract should contain at least 150 words or not more than 300 words.

Keywords: should have three keywords minimum.


The manuscript can be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia. Fill in the script as follows:

  • Introduction , loading background problems, goals and novelty. Also, previous studies / writings relating to written writings may be submitted, which are included in the Bibliography. The molding method to the reference uses a number in brackets; [1], [2], and [3].
  • Research Methods ,  containing materials or components, tools and objects studied, how research work, observed parameters, design used and analysis techniques.
  • Results and Discussion , contains the results obtained along with the analysis
  • The conclusion, contains a brief statement about the results obtained and given  advice when necessary.

Acknowledgments  and  References are  located at the end of the post.


            The script is typed using Word's word processing program with Time New Roman typeface, on A4 size paper. Number of pages maximum 10 pages, single space. The page layout uses margins: left 3 cm, top 2.5 cm, right 2 cm, and bottom 2.5 cm. For titles and abstracts are created in one column, while the contents of the post are made in two columns, with the middle space between the columns 0.5 cm.

            The large fonts used for each section are as follows:

  •  Title: 16 pts ( bold print  ).
  • Author name: 12 pts ( bold print  ).
  • Institution / Agency and address: 10 pts.
  • Content of writing: 10 pts.
  • Captions / tables: 9 pts.



            Tables, pictures or photographs should be clear and easy to read, the size adjusted to the existing column. Images should be separated in image files. Giving the serial number using numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.), with a brief and clear description.



            The bibliography is written by following the following grammar:

  • Seminar / Conference Publications:  Author, "title of article",  conference name , conference date, conference location, page number.
  • Periodic publications:  Author, "title of writing",  name of publication , volume, page, month, year.
  • Books:  Author, " book title",  name of publisher, city, year, chapter or page.
  • The conference name, journal name, and title of the book are written italically .