The Role of Local Communities in the Development of Taro Tourism Village Gianyar


  • L.K. Herindiyah Kartika Yuni STIPAR Triatma Jaya


This research is located in Taro Village, Gianyar Regency, which has a lot of natural potential to be developed. The characteristics of the population are mostly farmers supported by the geographical conditions of rice fields and forests which become its own strength. It has been proclaimed to be a tourism village since 2017 because of the natural potential spread in four villages, namely Banjar Let, Patas, Taro Kaja, and Pakuseba. Agro tourism, Lembu Putih tourism, tracking and cycling, and monkey conservation are the potential which are being develop. Geographical conditions which are plateau with paddy and forest structure strongly support the development of this potential. The management enthusiasm consisting of heads of village, tourism conscious groups (pokdarwis) and local communities hailed the development of the village which has the concept of community empowerment.


The purpose of this research is to find out how the role of the local community in the development of Taro tourism villages and the constraints faced in the development. This research is a qualitative research by collecting data through in-depth interviews with key informants consisting of heads of village, village secretaries, Pokdarwis members, and the people who also manage homestays. From the results of the interviews, it was found that the role of the community in the development of Taro tourism villages are in various ways, including: in the field of social culture; the rise of local art which is a hereditary cultural heritage begin to be encouraged and acquired enthusiasm from the local community such as eat together (megibung), and drama gong art show. In the field of management; the involvement of local communities as members of Pokdarwis, using people's houses to become homestays shows community-based tourism management. In the field of education and training; homestay management training, English language, seven charm and beauty (Sapta Pesona) which are all followed by high enthusiasm from the community.


However, as a new established tourism village, there are some obstacles faced in its development, including: the lack of skilled people in tourism, the involvement of facilities in attractions, and unintegrated online marketing.  However, various active and organized efforts done by the manager are believed can overcome those obstacles.


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Dec 1, 2018
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