Conversion of compressive strength of concrete cement using adhesive pozolan on age variation of concrete

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It is known that the adhesive to the concrete mix in general use cement types of PPC (pozollan portland cement) and PCC (portland cement composite) of various cement brands marketed in bali. The same was done by ready mix concrete pabric, they are also substituting cement with fly ash in the concrete mix a certain percentage of the sale. Material pozolan as a cement substitute material include: fly ash, coverslag, spent catalis, stone powder, and portland cement pozolan. From previous studies it is known that in ages early (before 28 days) concrete using pozolan as a substitute for cement produces the compressive strength is lower than the concrete of the adhesive cement type I (Ordinary Portland Cement), an increase in compressive strength occurred after 28 days ,

Research conducted at the Laboratory of Materials Engineering Department of Civil Bali State Polytechnic using the test piece cylindrical with a size of 15x30 cm quantity of 20 pieces for each age concrete with compressive strength Designed 25 MPa, tested at the age of 3, 7, 14, 21 , 28, 56, and 90 days following the PBI'71. Material agregate from Karangasem district, ppc cement production of gresik and pcc production of Tonasa. Value slump concrete mix according to the interval of 30mm-60mm. Concrete compressive strength designed is reached at the age of 56 days, with a value of 25.990 MPa for PCC and 25.961 MPa for PPC. res Conversion Age and Compressive Strength Characteristics for cement adhesive PCC is 0.60, 0.67, 0.80, 0.88, 0.96, 1.00, and 1.33, and for PPC cement adhesive was 0.56 , 0.65, 0.81, 0.86, 0.92, 1.00, and 1.23 according to the concrete in a row 3, 7, 14, 21, 28, 56, and 90 days.


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May 18, 2018
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