This Proceeding papers have been reviewed by established peer reviewers and already presented orally in the conference of “The 2nd International Joint Conference on Science and technology (IJCST) 2017. Supporting by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education – Indonesian Government, this publication will can dedicate a positive contribution to science and technology development. Hosted by Bali State Polytechnic (PNB) and other established university partner including UPNV Jatim, FMIPA-UNISA, FISH-UNESA, and UTM, this conference has been attended by more than four hundreds participants who present their best research results.  

The 2nd IJCST 2017 proceeding conference is multidisciplinary topic area including engineering and social science. Depend on the paper topic and quality, with high confidence this proceeding can reach aim and topic of the conference “As an international platform for scholars, researchers, practitioners, and government to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices that focuses in the theme of “Science, Technology, Innovation, and Culture for Sustainable Development: Challenge for Green Industry”. With proceeding publication OJS based, the paper will can disseminate widely and become one of the eligible reference for the next research and development

Published: 2018-04-24

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