Community information systems for agriculture with analytical features

  • Mohamad Irwan Afandi
  • Eka Dyar Wahyuni
  • Achmad Nuruddin
  • Dwatra Apriandi


Indonesian farmers and agriculture face various obstacles in every stage of production from finding good seeds, inefficient production, and well into post-production which are marketing and selling. Among the common obstacles that farmers have in the last stage is the lack of access to market information, the price in particular, and the lack of financial power to bring and sell their produce to the nearest market which ultimately leads many farmers unable to resist when the middlemen, with their financial strength, offering to buy most or all of their agricultural produce even with price lower than the market price. This paper proposes a community information system with analytical features which offers farmers a platform to promote and offer their produce to end consumers or wholesalers directly with reasonable and competitive price. Equipped with OLAP view, the system enables users to compare the price of commodities in the markets both from official data released by the government agency and those posted by farmers or wholesalers. The system also opens up the way for transport companies or any individuals who offer goods transport service to share their service and prices which will benefit both sellers/producers and consumers. With this system farmers and other stakeholders in agriculture get comprehensive information which help them make action for their best interests.


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Jul 12, 2018
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